Is My Account Updating Normally?

A new feature was added today – an email notification option in case your account isn’t updated within the desired period (for MetaTrader accounts):

These settings can be found in your settings area, under the ‘Messages’ tab.

Also, we’ve improved the strategies upload feature and now it supports reports in all languages!


The Myfxbook team.

Vouching System

Today we release the very much asked for vouching system:

The new vouching system will help you identify experienced and trusted users and hopefully it will speed up your learning curve by knowing who to listen to .

How the vouching system works? In order to be able to vouch for others, you need to have 3 vouchers yourself – we will be vouching for users during the week to allow them to vouch for others.

You will notice a green bar underneath each username – this is intended to show you the vouching status of each member – a full green bar represents 20 vouchers and more.

Have a great trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

Moblie Version Now Available

Today we release the mobile version of Myfxbook – this is to help you stay connected with your trading accounts on the go:

The mobile version gives you instant access to your trading account and to the Myfxbook Economic Calendar. The trading account view provides you information regarding the performance, open trades, open orders and history.

This is an initial and a simple version of the mobile website, so more features and functionality will be added in the future (do let us know what else you need).

Also, we’ve added a new function to the Myfxbook API – ‘get-custom-widget’, which allows you to create custom widgets.


The Myfxbook team.

New Stats!

Today we release another tool for your trading performance – the hourly statistics (can be found in the ‘Advanced Statistics’ window):

As you can see from the image above, you can choose between 4 different comparison metrics (based on the open time of your trades):

  1. Winning traders vs. losing trades.
  2. Long trades vs. short trades.
  3. Profit on long trades vs. profit on short trades.
  4. Profit on winning trades vs. losses on losing trades.

These metrics will help you even better understand when your system is performing better and when worse. Also, if you choose a custom period for analysis, the data will recalculate in real-time to include only the selected period.

The new statistics will become available on the next update of your account.

More features are being worked on, which will be available very soon!

Have a great  week,

The Myfxbook team.

Contest Winners

Our first contest has ended 4 days ago and here are your winners:

  1. 1st place, $2,000 – sportcity system by sportcity with 1005%.
  2. 2nd place, $1,000  – Finansalplatform system by pshyco with 551%.
  3. 3rd place, $500 – Marusha 2010 system by ForexInvestGroup with 359%.

Congratulations to the winners! You will be contacted by FXDD to receive your prizes.

We would like to thank to all of the 591 competitors and FXDD for sponsoring our first ever contest! We’re already working on our next contest, so stay tuned!


The Myfxbook team.

New Strategies Section!

Today we proudly present the Strategies section – a lot of work has been put into this section in order to provide you some very useful and powerful features:

  • Ability to analyze, organize, group, sort, archive, study and share any strategy tester reports you create (back-tests).
  • Learn, discuss, compare and search for any strategies you use or have used in the past to find the most optimized settings.
  • Minimize development and testing time by working with the community to get results faster.

No more need to save your statements on your PC and then browse between reports to compare them – now you can just upload the strategy tester report (either the original, or zip it for faster upload), get it analyzed and archived immediately, and be able to quickly and easily see and refer to past tests and much more with a few clicks of your mouse.

If you have any suggestions, do let us know as always by using the suggestion-box or by contacting us privately.

This section is in it’s own ‘beta’ mode and if you encounter any issues, do let us know so we can quickly resolve it. There are many more features to be added to this section, but since the list isn’t ending, we wanted to release this section as soon as possible, so there you go .

On another note, our first contest has ended and the winners will be declared in a couple of days.

Have a great trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

Minor Updates

Some minor updates:

RSS feed was added (latest discussions), you can find it in the bottom menu.

– Watched accounts method for the API was added.

– The website’s slowness issue was mitigated completely and it now runs faster than ever before .

Have a great week.

The Myfxbook team.

Servers Overload

Guys, we’re currently experiencing some increased load on our servers which happened due to increased browsing after the contest opening, which we weren’t expecting.

We’re working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Registration For The Contest Has Ended!

Well, after just 2 weeks of the registration period of our first ever contest, 588 traders have registered!
The contest is scheduled to start in just 2 days. If you haven’t connected your account to Myfxbook yet, please do so, as it’s the only way to track your rank in the contest.
Those who haven’t opened a demo account, or have chosen the wrong account as their contest account, will receive login credentials for a new FXDD demo account.

Once the contest starts, a new section will be revealed in the contests area of Myfxbook, which will allow you check your rank and track (live) the progress of each trader.

We’re also working on some new exciting features which will be released in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Happy trading and good luck in the contest!
The Myfxbook team.