Myfxbook Goes MultiLanguage (Well, Almost)

As you can imagine, we get visitors and traders from all around the world but support only one language currently (yep, English).

We got (and still get) a lot of emails from users, asking us to add more languages so they could benefit from Myfxbook. Translating our platform to new languages would take us a lot of time and resources which we need to keep developing new features, so we now proudly present the translations project – an effort to translate Myfxbook to your language with your help.

The project is voluntary and  you can choose to translate only 1, 5, or 500 sentences, the rest will be translated by other users and will be aggregated.

The status of the translations is updated in real time, and can be seen in the translations home page:

We’ve included the most popular languages based on our traffic, so if your language doesn’t appear there, do let us know and we’ll quickly add it.

We would like to thank anyone who takes part in this project!

You can find the link to the translations area in the bottom menu  (Translations). To help you get started, you can go to the translations help section.

Wish you a great trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

Update – Guys, after just 60 minutes of the translations project release, we’re overwhelmed by the languages requests – all languages will be added (We’ve already added 7 more languages).  Also, looks like the French team are miles ahead of everyone… Will they be the first to complete the translation project? We’ll see!

P.S. You might also experience some slow browsing on our website – this is due to the heavy use of the translation area, and we’re working to resolve it.

8 thoughts to “Myfxbook Goes MultiLanguage (Well, Almost)”

  1. You can’t change to another language until the translation for the language in question is complete.

    If you’ve referred to the language to translate, just select it from the dropdown.

  2. It seems that the tools that you provided are not sufficient. I see that some translations have blatant spelling errors or mistranslations. If we use the voting system only for reviewing then there is no way to “improve” them. It would be advisable, if we could add comments to the translations.

    Also voting system is not suffient if someone (I have noticed a couple instances), has selected wrong language. There are several translation in Hungarian for the Polish version :-/

  3. You can actually add another translation when voting, in case the translation is incorrect.

    As to the wrong language translation – there’s not much more we can do but to let other users vote on it which acts as a confirmation for the translation.

    Moreover, We will be doing our own screening process per each language before releasing it, to eliminate any possible errors.

  4. OK, Polish translation is ready, but there is 99% on the progress bar. What now we can do to see myfxbook in our beautiful language? 😉

  5. Well, we’ve just filtered out some bad translations, so it’s a bit lower at 88%.

    To reach 100%, you should vote on existing translations – a translation is accepted as valid only after it was voted on by other users.


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