New Charts!

Today we release the highly requested and anticipated analysis capability – analysis by symbol. You can now analyze your trading system and see an exact representation of your trading per each symbol.

This is yet another powerful tool you can use to enhance your trading – take your time and learn the new charts, you will quickly discover how to maximize your system’s profitability by focusing on the symbols your system is most successful trading on.

Entering the ‘Custom Analysis’ panel, you’ll notice a new section – ‘Filter By Symbol’:

Analyzing the system by different symbols, will reveal important information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy trading with different symbols:

Not deep enough of an analysis for you? No problem – we’ve added even more advanced analysis – directional analysis.

When going to the summary list of your system, you’ll notice an icon on the right of each symbol’s stats:

Clicking on the icon will dissect your trading per the selected symbol per direction (buy/sell)!

You can also switch between pips accumulation and profit accumulation charts (Click on the ‘More’ button).

The new stats will appear as soon as you *update your account.

*Accounts using a custom start date will have to run 2 cycles of updates to calculate the new charts (the first with full account history and second using the custom start), so please allow for 2 updates to complete in order to show the custom start data.

Just a quick note on the translations project – it’s coming along very nicely and we’re impressed by how quickly and how many users are contributing translations. Great job guys!

Also – the success stories section is removed, as it’s just being a “spam magnet” and doesn’t add any value to our community section – if you have an idea for a new section for our community, let us know!

All the best,

The Myfxbook team.

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