Contest Winners Announced

Here the contest results of our 3rd contest:

As you can see, although the first place was far away in the lead, the 2nd and 3rd places were very close.

After 30 days of trading, 45% of accounts got margin called.  Here’s the profitability breakdown:

And who are the winners?

In the 1st place, with a 2219.5% return,  Contest – milooo.

In the 2nd place, with a 966.08% return, Contest – Jira123.

In the 3rd place, with a 867.35% return, Contest – jimmyneutron88.

Winners, you will be contacted by FxOpen to claim your prizes.

We’ll be launching another contest soon, so stay tuned!

Happy trading,

The Myfxbook team.

2 thoughts to “Contest Winners Announced”

  1. Hey!

    I want to ask how MYFXBook know if someone use more then one account. Are You look IP aadress or traffic source.
    You delete Jordan account who holds first place. But same dude win first MyFXBook competitsion.

    Here is account who made same trade.
    Again same pair and open/close time, lot size… (look 05.13.10 trade)

    This competitsion is really good and interesting. But this is not trading competitsion if someone use more then one account. I hope that MyFXBook fix that problem.

  2. klaabukosmos, we’re taking different measures to recognize those accounts – it’s not easy to spot those accounts as there are thousand accounts to look at.
    Similar trading results in most cases are simply a coincidence, however there is indeed a very small percentage of traders who try to use multiple accounts to trade the contest.
    We’ll be implementing an automated solution into our next contest to spot similar trade behaviors on different accounts, which should make it very hard get through it.

    If you have any ideas on the subject, do let us know.

    Also, thank you for the extensive research – it’s much appreciated 🙂

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