FX Primus Contest Winners

The recent contest by FX Primus has ended and the top 15 traders (or winners) to collect the $3,500 in prizes are:

1st place – Contest – foralios
2nd place – Contest – emanov
3rd place – Contest – Mingzi11
4th place – Contest – hongyun
5th place – Contest – wizii
6th place – Contest – lndunilk98745
7th place – Contest – salubaba
8th place – Contest – Labonin
9th place – Contest – anggwa
10th place – Contest – kapilah1
11th place – Contest – pathirana
12th place – Contest – charakanm254
13th place – Contest – maybaba65
14th place – Contest – BlackHeart
15th place – Contest – snipertrader

Contest analysis has been performed and can be seen below (click the image for full size):

Forex Contest FX Primus - AnalysisOnly 4.7% of forex traders ended up in profit, while majority (61.3%) lost and 34% haven’t traded.

The top traders were spread out quite evenly; the winners had almost and identical trade profitability vs losing accounts while avg trade was x3 larger vs losing accounts.


Wishing you a prfitable week ahead!

The Myfxbook team.