Forex Contest Winners Announced

We’re happy to announce the winners of our latest contest winners

(Gains are a snapshot of the time the contest has ended).

1st place – 14,248%, winning a $3,500 prize – Contest – 1RF4N

2nd place – 5208%, winning a $1,000 prize – Contest – pipmasta

3rd place – 850% – winning a $500 price – Contest – skalavox

Important to note that several top accounts were disqualified for multiple accounts under different identities.

Unlike previous contests, almost 50% of the accounts were margin called which can be explained by the trending market. Profitability of winning and losing accounts was similar, roughly 70% win/30% loss, yet average win for winning accounts was 7 pips versus an average of only 2 pips win for losing accounts – traders who were on the wrong side of the trend couldn’t let their winners run.

The complete contest analysis can be found here:

Forex Contest Squared Financial Analysis

Have a great week ahead!

The Myfxbook team.

6 Responses to “Forex Contest Winners Announced”

  1. Татьяна says:

    What contest are you talking about?

    Myfxbook Reply:

    Post updated :)

  2. Faruqe says:

    Congrats Winners!!! Next time I can participate……

  3. asghar sh says:

    hello .. i have a wishes
    please start new contest with new vision..
    if you want find real professional traders/
    i like start contest with real money .. some one get max volume position and max leverage if chance be with them then he /she will be winner
    but by real money condition is difference from demo
    in real account market physiology and technical arts and talent is used.
    1-real money by 100 usd $ balance and leverage 1000 draw down is max free
    2-real money by 1000 usd $ balance and fixed leverage low draw down and high profit is the best
    please start new contest by new condition
    thank you
    best regard
    Asghar sh

  4. mohsen eivazi says:

    hello. demo contest just for fun and has no any value and validity
    .we like real contest in unit broker that register clients from any country in the world .
    thank you
    best regard

  5. Роман says:

    Каким образом будут выдаваться призовые?И когда?