New Trading Contest, $5000 in Prizes!

We’re happy to announce the start of yet another trading contest, this time sposnored by Squared Financial.

The prize fund is in total of $5000, which will be given out to the top 3 traders as follows:

1st place – $3,500

2nd place – $1000

3rd place – $500

Trading will commence with a $50,000 demo account and a 200:1 leverage.

Ready to go? Sign up here:

Wishing you a great weekend!

The Myfxbook Team.

16 Responses to “New Trading Contest, $5000 in Prizes!”

  1. David Wang says:


  2. TL says:

    Is this open to USA residents?

  3. nacer says:

    من شرکت می کنم

  4. Brian Sorrentino says:

    Your site will not allow me to register. Please provide me a way to compete in the trading contest.

  5. saber says:

    It’s ok

  6. saber says:

    But How can I hnow I’m acepted?

  7. Daniel says:

    am ready for thiz

  8. Ayoola Rasaq Akanni says:

    Thank you for cooperation

  9. This is another experience I think I never would forget.May GOD support and guide me…
    Jericho gil Alfonso #jgaj

  10. Jon says:

    Still no limit on drawdown or the use of Risk-Adjusted ROI as the determining factor?

    MyFxBook contests will still continue to be a joke with ‘all in’ strategies and multiple accounts getting lucky.

  11. eyal says:

    hello, why can’t I register the contest, your registration link dosen’t work

  12. Ferenc Berki says:


    I would be interested in you new contest

    But I cannot open the link to enjoy…

    Best regards,

  13. HAMIDREZA says:

    من شرکت می کنم

  14. shakil says:

    i enjoy this link

  15. livandos says:

    ok give PRIZE :) in my TOP10 and FX-Fighting

  16. MadaForex says:

    I cannot download the platform until now.
    it always stop at 50% or so.

    Can someone give another link or share it to rapidshare or some kind of share site please ?