Yet Another Trading Contest!

We’re happy to announce another trading contest which will be held simultaneously with the previously announced contest, available this time for all traders except US and Japanese traders (if you’re from US/Japan, please click here), sponsored by 24FX; a total of $5000 in prizes will be given out to the top traders!

Registration starts today (April 15th) and will be open until May 1st. The competition will be held for a month and will start with a starting balance of $10,000 (demo account) and a leverage of 1:400.

In total, 3 prizes will be given out to top 5 traders:

1st place – $3,750

2nd place – $1,000

3rd place – $500

To register, please click the image above or go here:

Have a great weekend,

The Myfxbook team!

12 thoughts to “Yet Another Trading Contest!”

  1. Will you finally implement a standard of winning besides gross account equity or gross ROI?

    Something like risk adjusted ROI and some additional rules to reduce the gambling affect?

    I have not seen one of these so called traders able to reproduce their strategies on a live account.

  2. there is a misprint in the rules: “…In order to withdraw your winnings; you must have a trade volume of 50x your winnings. For example: For every $1 of the prize, you must have a trading volume of $5000 in order to be eligible for withdrawal….”

    If the trade volume is 50x the winnings, then for every $1 prize money, the trading volume would be $50. This can be the result of serious confusion and you should attempt to have this clarified.

  3. Good day.
    I participated in the previous contest traders. I think I got not a bad result. Unfortunately I do not know the results of the winners. Where can I see them? Without this information, does not intend to continue to continue participation in promotions of bogus.

  4. – For every $1 of the prize, you must have a trading volume of $5000 in order to be eligible for withdrawal.
    – Should you request a withdrawal before the wagering requirements have been met, your bonus and winnings may be rendered void.

    So, 187 standard lots are needed …. hahaha, nonsense an silly rules

  5. The rules are ridiculous
    See it to withdraw $ 500 (3rd), we have traded a volume of U.S. $ 2.5 million in a real account. Do the calculation to withdraw the first prize.

  6. the result of the top 5 traders are often manipulated so that people will not win the contest, and the top 5 traders are the brokers themselves. Imagine someone will turn a 10,000 demo account to 1,000,000 in just one week. something that isn’t possible in the real world.IF such trader exist, why is he/she even participating in a demo contest of chicken change. I’ve come to see all demo contest as a scam and a clever means of extracting people details. Am not interested in so call contest because the chance of winning a cent doesn’t exist simply because the brokers made themselves top 5 and then manipulated their result to beat everybody.

  7. These rules are un-realistic.
    I wouldn’t suggest any one to join it, as you cannot withdraw the funds at all.


    if the reward is 1$ u need to make 5000$ to withdraw………..!


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