New Market Section!

Today we’ve added another section called Market! It shows over 50 different currency quotes in real time in a table format, along with a change indicator to quickly assess today’s direction:

Clicking on a specific currency will get you to the currency’s page which includes a chart and a change indicator per each time frame:

Please let us know of any feedback you may have about this section or suggestions for additional pages.


The Myfxbook team.

3 thoughts to “New Market Section!”

  1. Wow – very cool! (But I’m just a sucker for dynamic graphics.)
    Can you please explain the day range indicator in more detail?

    Myfxbook Reply:

    Yes, sure. It is an OHLC indicator of today’s candle, where the left side is the low and the right side is the high; The arrow is showing the current value and the open is the start of the colored range.

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