New Addition – The Toolbar

Using Myfxbook on a constant basis to analyze your or others’ performance, checking the latest streaming forex news or browsing the live economic forex calendar may become time consuming which can sometimes distract you from trading. To make sure you’re always in tune with the markets, we’ve added the toolbar – a real time toolbar which shows you current data for the economic calendar, recent news stories and forex rates at the bottom of the screen, no matter which section you’re currently viewing (can be minimized):

Clicking on any of the 3 categories will open a more detailed view of the category in question which will also allow you to quickly go to the item in question.

This feature is in beta mode and is gradually turned on for all users to make sure everything is in order.

Your suggestions and feedback on this feature would help us in shaping the toolbar further – if you have an idea on how we can make it even better (we’re sure you do! 🙂 ), do let us know!


The Myfxbook team.

5 thoughts to “New Addition – The Toolbar”

  1. trying to figure out where and how I get this toolbar, i would really like to try it

  2. Thanks, I was just going to post that I found it.. now to play with it.. looks pretty cool though

  3. Yer right noticed it this morning was wondering when/ and how it got there ! with tweet and facebook settings on it aswell !

    Great ! appreciated

    Peter Matthew

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