New Features!

We’ve just released new features and improvements:

Each user has now a feed in the user page . Moreover, other users can post in your feed and comment on it also (you have full control of the content):

New sections in the mobile site; Real-time news and rates:

Translation search (both in the original text and in the translations) for easier and quicker translation process:

Calendar’s actual figure is now colored in green for a “better than expected” result and in red for a “worse than expected” result, for a quicker interpretation of the results:

We’ve also opened a Facebook page and added a like , a Google +1 and twitter buttons so do show us how much you like us by clicking it below this post (we know you do!) 🙂

Have a great and successful trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

2 thoughts to “New Features!”

  1. Hi,

    I like your mobile site and use it on my iPhone to monitor my systems. I only wish that you could ‘narrow’ the real estate of the page so we would not have to ‘unpinch’ to view the relevant data. I am sure this is not a complicated task to do.

    Otherwise myfxbook is a great site!

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