We’ve had the time (finally!) to make improvements to the Myfxbook EA setup process – we’ve created an automated installer, which helps you to setup it in a few minutes.

Moreover, the only input the EA needs now is your Myfxbook login and password. The EA will keep working even if you switch accounts (publishing  a new account with the EA will add the account to your Myfxbook portfolio automatically!)

Another important improvement is for the Myfxbook FXCM  publisher users – you can now have multiple accounts set up to be published.

We’ve also added an important functionality – when you block a user, the user won’t be able to make any posts in your topic.

And one last feature is the option to search systems by the broker used:

As a side note, we’re working hard on some new and very cool features which should be ready very soon! 🙂

Have a prosperous trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

One thought to “Improvements”

  1. Hi there! Good one guys! Thanks for all the tools you are making available to the traders!. I’ve posted a suggestion about Compound option for strategies, i think it would be a great tool addition for the site =)
    Thanks for all the work!
    Keep it up!.

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