Changes And Features

When we’ve released the Strategies section, it was meant to act as a collaboration tool for developers to share their strategy tests, tweaks and versions and help them in their development. Unfortunately, many users have abused the fact that Strategies are simple html files, and in effect, can be manipulated easily.

In order to prevent such use, we’ve decided to make a major change in how Strategies are shared publicly – from now on, in order to make your strategy public, you will be required to do at least one of the following:

1. Attach the expert file of the strategy, the source (mql4) or the compiled file (ex4) and any other related files.

2. Link a forward test of the strategy (by selecting a public and fully verified system from your portfolio).

Only a strategy which maintains one of the above requirements can remain public.

The above will help in screening the real strategies. If you have any suggestions on improving the section even more, do let us know!

Also, we’ve added another feature – the magic selection was redesigned and you can also choose which magics to show/hide in analysis:

What else have we added?

– The user page now includes the strategies of the user.

API updated; added comment to open trades and orders methods (check the version changes at the bottom of the page).

Wish you a successful trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

3 thoughts to “Changes And Features”

  1. WOW – You guys are good, thank you for being so prompt at rectifying the issue with the Strategies – this is exactly the way to move forward and knock out the fakers.

    Thanks guys!


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