Only 8 Days Left For Registration!

If you haven’t registered yet for our latest contest, hurry up and register before the registration ends.

To register, please go here:

There are already 689 traders, and still counting 🙂

Trading is performed on demo accounts, yet the prizes are very real – $3,500 in total!

P.S. We’ve been asked many times so just a quick reminder – trading accounts are disabled until the start of the contest, so this is nothing to worry about.

Good luck!

The Myfxbook team.

12 thoughts to “Only 8 Days Left For Registration!”

  1. Is FXOpen the only broker allowed for the contest? I don’t think FXOpen allows United States residents to open account there. Not even demo accounts.

  2. FXOpen are the sponsors of the contest, so their servers are used.

    The contest is active for US clients, and they’re working on enabling the download of their demo platform to US clients.

    In any case, any MetaTrader platform can be used to connect to the contest account, just use the login credentials provided and the following server:

  3. Hello.
    I registered the other day and the link that said download the platform from fxopen isnt working… also, i cant even get onto is something wrong with the site.. ive tried now each day for the last few days and still nothing. just a blank page that says loading at the bottom and never shows anything…. please help>??

  4. The website is blocked for US clients – this is nothing to worry about as it has no effect on the contest. Please see the above reply on connecting to your contest account.

  5. Thank you that seemed to work with another brokers MT4 platform. However, I had one more question about the cash prizes. Where can i find the rules as to what we can do with the cash if we win?? for example: do we have to keep it with FXOpen and trade with them? OR do we have to make so many live trades afterwards with them in order to take a partial for full withdrawal from the account??? please help.

  6. There are no rules for using your prize money 🙂
    All you need to do is verify your account (standard AML procedure involving sending an ID + utility bill) before you can withdraw it.

  7. Could you please tell me where one can find the contest rules? My EA just got removed and isn’t working any more on my contest account. So I can assume that the use of an EA is not permitted?

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