FXCM Accounts Are Now Supported, 6th Language Released

We’re glad to announce we’ve finally completed the beta testing phase for our FXCM publisher, so you can now connect your FXCM trading station or Strategy Trader to Myfxbook!

The connection process is straight forward – just download and install our publisher and connect your account. Your trading station doesn’t need to be opened, and the account is automatically added to your Myfxbook portfolio. Also, FXCM accounts are fully verified as the data comes directly from FXCM’s servers.

To connect your FXCM account to Myfxbook, please refer here: https://www.myfxbook.com/help/fxcm-wizard

Another important update – Myfxbook is now available in it’s 6th language – Swedish. We would like to thank all of the users who helped translate, so thanks guys!

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook team.

4 thoughts to “FXCM Accounts Are Now Supported, 6th Language Released”

  1. Congratulations so much progress.
    I would suggest that the next innovation is to use the Spanish language.
    Thank you for this indispensable tool.

  2. My sincere congratulations on the progress in all areas.
    However, in my opinion on the issue of language deficits are large and important, as the Spanish, with English cover a large part of the world population, not being well known in his web.
    If it is voluntary, there are thousands of Castilian-speaking traders eager to use the power of this tool in natural language, so I suspect that the lack may be due to other reasons misunderstood.
    I call on entrepreneurs to see this, the translation into Castilian, a great chance to win countless fans – users.

    Mi más sincera enhorabuena por los avances en todas las áreas.
    No obstante en mi opinión en el tema del lenguaje existen grandes e importantes carencias, pues el español, juntamente con el ingles cubren una gran parte de la población mundial, no estando así reconocido en su web.
    Si de voluntarios se trata, existen miles de traders castellano parlantes ansiosos de utilizar la potencia de esta herramienta en su lenguaje natural, con lo que intuyo que la carencia puede deberse a otros incomprendidos motivos.
    Hago un llamamiento a los emprendedores para que vean esta, la traducción al castellano, una gran oportunidad de ganar incontables fans – usuarios.

  3. Hi,
    First of all:
    Thank You for making FXCM-Accounts possible.

    One Feature-Request:
    I would like to see this .exe scriptable.
    e.g. I want to run schedule task every day only to update my trades.
    I am using order2go in my application and i fear that it inteferes with the fxcm-wizard. If it is scriptable I can automate publishing at the right moment – for my needs.

    Thank You!

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