Get Ready For The Next Trading Contest! $5,000 in Prizes!

We’re excited to announce yet another trading contest, this time sponsored by Squared Financial:

The contest will be held from June 4th until July 2nd. You will be competing with a $10k demo account, a 100:1 leverage, for real prizes in total of $5,000!

To read the full contest terms and sign up, click the above promo or go here:

Have a great weekend!

The Myfxbook team.

10 thoughts to “Get Ready For The Next Trading Contest! $5,000 in Prizes!”

  1. It is allowed to use Robot (EA) in the Platform Metatrader4 (my mind) of the contest?

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    Jairo Anibal

  2. wich one is tru??
    1) Each participating demo account starts with a $10,000 balance and a 100:1 leverage.
    2) You will be competing with a $50k demo account, a 200:1 leverage,

  3. I see discrepancy in trading rules.

    – The rules page says $10,000 starting balance with 1:100 leverage. But in blog post, you say $50,000 starting balance and 1:200 leverage.

    – And what is the winning criteria? It is not listed in the rules. I hope RA-ROI is used this time instead of Gross ROI. Not sure why MyFxBook contests still uses Gross ROI.

    – Does the term “300 contracts” in the contest rules mean 300 lots, or 300 order tickets?

    Someone can use 10 large orders and then 290 tiny orders to fullfill that requirement.

    Also, in the previous blog post where you analyzed the contest accounts, you mentioned that traders had to authenticate their accounts. How were the contest accounts authenticated exactly?

  4. I also forgot: why does a winning contestant have to wait 30 days to withdraw their contest winnings?

    If the contestant won the contest, why is the broker allowed to place additional restrictions on accessing their winnings? Why allow/make the contestant wait 30 days to withdraw their winnings when they already won?
    Why would MyFxBook allow such a rule?

  5. Awesome.
    Does MT4 work? The last trading contest I participated didn’t allow metatrader, only web trade, and I failed miserably 🙂

  6. This was a human error in the blog post which was fixed – the starting balance is 10,000 and leverage is 100:1 as stated in the contest terms.

  7. Please discuss this in the contest topic as suggested before. This shouldn’t have any effect on winners as they simply need to wait 30 days before withdrawing the prize.

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