Announcing The Winners Of The Recent Contest

The recent contest ended last month and here are its winners (top 3):

1st place:  Contest – srinatha winning a $3500 funded account.

2nd place: Contest – mazin1978 winning a $1000 funded account.

3rd place:  Contest – Zhe8878 winning a $500 funded account.

Analysis of the trading results can be seen below:

Looking at the analysis, we can see that over 56% of accounts were losing, 47% of accounts got margin called and only 12% of accounts ended up with profit.

Happy Monday!

The Myfxbook Team.

4 thoughts to “Announcing The Winners Of The Recent Contest”

  1. So all of the 3 “winners” are trading 100 or even 1.000 lots(!) on an $60k demo account. There is no real strategy visible, if you look at the history this looks much more like gambling than serious trading.
    Dudes, that kind of “contest” is the complete opposite of serious – I was thinking until now Myfxbook _is_ serious in what it is doing. Looks I missed something 😉

    Just my 2cents

  2. I agree with Andy. This contest was a competettion of who had the better luck in catching correction moves with oversized lots.

  3. Hopfi2k, don’t you know that this is how the professionals trade. Risk management and position sizing are for amateurs 😉

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