Myfxbook Charts Upgraded

We’re happy to announce the completion of a long due plan – the change of charts used in the Myfxbook website. You might not even noticed the changes as we’ve made sure to make it look exactly as before, however during the past few weeks we’ve been replacing the charts in each section and the changes are major:

– The charts are no longer Flash based but HTML5, meaning they load several times faster.

– Unlike the Flash charts, the new charts are fully printable.

– You can hover over the chart and see a floating tooltip (you do not need to point to the exact data point):

– You can now zoom-in into a chart and finally see what’s going on without performing custom analysis:

Wishing you a great year ahead!

The Myfxbook team.

22 thoughts to “Myfxbook Charts Upgraded”

  1. hi, first of thank you for all your upgrade and i love your site, but unfortunally i couldn’t open an account although i’ve followed your instructions, everything went good untill the last part when the mt4 pop up a window that not allowed me to continue and i don’t know what to do. it’s despair.
    so i hope you can help me.

    and i also want to say that it will be great if you add an option to use trailng stop loss in your system.

    thanks, tal

  2. Very nice update.
    Charts are much faster and more responsive now.
    HTML5 was a right decision.
    Thanks for update.

  3. I like the new chart layout and features. One item has always left me
    short….the calculation of your drawdown? Perhaps myfxbook could make a fact sheet, similar to FAQ, where all display calc’s are explained? Also, possibly two or three display choices where the stats may be displayed as
    based on (a) capital, (b) equity, or (c) other?

  4. Great job! Being using them for weeks, the site loads way faster and it’s more responsive.
    Wish a day will come in which we will be able put Flash in the trash once and for all, one step at a time but we are on the way, thanks a mill!

  5. Graphics are much better now, but size is very small. An option to increase the size of graphics would be great

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