Myfxbook Is The Best Social Trading Network!

We’re proud to announce that in the recent London Summit held by Forex Magnates, Myfxbook has won the 1st place in the “Best Social Trading Network” category!

The award was picked up by Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, which are responsible for taking care of Myfxbook’s marketing on a day to day basis.

We would like to thank those who voted for us as well as thank our users who always come up with great ideas and suggestions for Myfxbook and find our service indispensable in their trading.

Have a great week!

The Myfxbook Team.

28 thoughts to “Myfxbook Is The Best Social Trading Network!”

  1. Congratulations from Colombia. Definitely a deserved award. Let me take this greeting to ask more support Colombia traders need more coverage. Thank you

  2. Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations-Congratulations
    Thank you -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you

  3. From the valuable information that i get from your website, i say congrants and keep it up!

  4. Congratulations! But… you are still two small steps from being perfect. You really have to change your system to accept “welcome-bonus” accounts where credited amount is shown as “credit”, not as “balance” and therefore it calculates the gains in the wrong way.

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