Myfxbook Update

Dear Traders,

Due to recent events of MetaQuotes blocking our servers (which we believe is because of the high load we created on their servers) you might have noticed we’ve stopped offering the auto update option.

We would like to make it clear that no other functions of Myfxbook are affected and everything is working as expected.

If you were using the auto update option, we kindly ask you to move to the EA method instead – your account will resume updating normally ( )

As a side note, we’re working on many new features and integration of new trading platforms so stay tuned!

If you have any comments/feedback or issues, as always our support team is here to help (support at 🙂

The Myfxbook Team.

5 thoughts to “Myfxbook Update”

  1. This is a return to past.
    I think that we will see a lot of new superb performance accounts.
    Uploading through ea an user can send a fake statement with fake trades.
    The auto update was a very important feature.
    Why don’t you do an agreement with MetaQuotes?
    Best regards

  2. You’re confusing verification with auto update. Verification is still in place.
    As to the agreement – unfortunately MQ aren’t interested.

  3. What about Oanda clients? I don’t use Metatrader, can I still update via autoupdate? Is there a way for me to continue to use the site?

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