New Feature – Account Notifications

We’re happy to announce the long awaited notifications feature! You’re now able to set up 34 different notification types and be notified of any events you set up as soon as they happen, for your own accounts or watched accounts (through your dashboard):

Account Notifications

The available options are:

Gain (%)
Abs. Gain (%)
Daily (%)
Monthly (%)
Drawdown (%)
Balance (€)
Equity (%)
Equity (€)
Profit (€)
Interest (€)
Deposits (€)
Withdrawals (€)
Profitability Won (%)
Profitability Lost (%)
Average Win (Pips)
Average Loss (Pips)
Average Win (€)
Average Loss (€)
Commissions (€)
Longs Won (%)
Shorts Won (%)
Avg. Trade Length
Profit Factor
Standard Deviation
Probability (%)
Expectancy (Pips)
Expectancy (€)
AHPR (%)
GHPR (%)

For each metric you can set a notification if it is above or below a specified value. Once hit, you will receive a real time  notification by email and in the website. The notification can be set up as easily as with our forex calendar, by clicking the bell icon on the right of each account.

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook Team.

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  1. Now that’s what I was waiting for! Thank you for your outstanding product.

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