Forex Volatility

We’re excited to reveal the addition of another very useful section called Forex Volatility:

In this section, you can see in one glance the volatility of each available forex currency (over 50)  in each of the available timeframes (9 to be exact). Moreover, you’re able to filter in real time the desired volatility, by a max/min value.

Clicking on a currency, will reveal its complete volatility analysis, either by hour of day, day of week, or day of month:

Moreover, you’re able to select/deselect any of the available search criteria and analyze the expected volatility (again) in real time! You’ll also notice the volatility filtration level based on your settings, so you know how much volatility are you catching (or missing):

Wish to compare another currency side by side? No problem! Just select the currency for comparison and continue analyzing the data in real time.

With the help of this new section, you can now answer many questions, such as:

– What is the most volatile and least volatile currency?

– Am I missing a lot of the market’s volatility when I trade?

– What hours should I avoid due to lower volatility?

– What currencies have a similar volatility?

As always, let us know of any feedback you may have and any additional sections (or tools) you’re missing.

Happy trading,

The Myfxbook team.

New Forex Historical Data Page!

We’ve just added a history page which you can use to fetch forex historical data for each of the available currencies (over 50!)  in a timeframe of your choice:

The historical data page is available at the bottom of each currency overview page:

We’ve also added 2 features to the chart; You can now see who is following your chart and who is agreeing with your chart:

We’ve also added 22 new symbols to our economic calender, covering even more economic events, all in real time: PEI, CZK, MXN, CLP, NOK, RUB, ARS, ANG, EEK, IDR, TRY, ROL, SGD, QAR, HKD, COP, DKK, SEK, BRL, PLN, KRW, KPW.

You can select the new symbols from the ‘more’ options of the economic calendar:

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook team.

Top Forex Charts And New Features

Today we’ve added top forex charts sections for viewing:

These sections can be accessed from the top charts menu (or from the charts section above the charts):

We’ve also added an option to filter out charts based on symbol and timeframe:

One final addition is to the forex market section – you can now select which symbols to include in the table:

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook team.