New Contest With Highest Prizes Ever of $10,000!

We’re excited to announce the next 7th trading contest with the biggest prizes ever in total of $10,000 sponsored by DF Markets! The prizes will be given in the form of a funded account, which you can trade for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, the prizes will be withdrawn and any profit made will be yours to keep! 🙂

The prizes will be given to the top 3 competitors:

1st Place – a $5,000 funded account.

2nd Place – a $3,000 funded account.

3rd Place  – a $2,000 funded account.

To register, please go here:

All accounts will start with a $100,000 balance and 1:100 leverage.

Please note that due to regulation restrictions on the broker, users from the following countries will not be eligible for prizes (although you can still participate and show off your trading skills! :)): USA, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Bolivia, North Korea, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia.

The winners of the last contest will be announced next week!

Have a great weekend!

The Myfxbook team.

15 thoughts to “New Contest With Highest Prizes Ever of $10,000!”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the contest being offered, though, but this broker needs to get serious and offer some kind of a “pat on the back” prize for us who they won’t give an account to.

  2. Unfortunately, due to regulation restrictions they cannot offer any prizes to US competitors (and the rest of the list as posted in the terms).

  3. lol. Regulation restrictions, right. That only applies to new accounts. They can’t offer cash like VantageFX did for U.S. folks? BTW “Regulations” didn’t seem to bother Alpari UK when I participated in their competition.

  4. Click on the image or the url. You need to be registered and logged in to Myfxbook in order to register to the contest.

  5. created account succesfully, contest created in my Myfxbook portfolio but now i can’t get in.

    any idea???

  6. I’m assuming you can’t get into the trading account – that’s because trading accounts are disabled until the start of the contest.

  7. And what about if someone will achieve first place, will get $5k for those 3 months and in this time will lose everything or most of this? Their rules says that after 3 months they’ll withdraw amount you’ve got as your winning prize. So at the beginning you had 5k, after 3 months you have lets say 1k -their 5k = -4k? Will they just close your account or you’ll have to cover those losses?

  8. The winner will get an account funded with 5k. These 5k will be withdrawn after 3 months. But what happens, if there are no 5k left due to losing trades? Does one have to pay the difference then?

  9. I simply think that myfxbook should have some regulations on how the competition is carried out. the style of trades i see on this competition are simply not obtainable in the real world.
    I can not imagine someone holding 50 open trades at a time, that’s outrageous. I advice the management to separate manual trading competition from EA trading competition.

  10. Even trading manually with draw-downs like that. Stacking 20 Lot trades like there is no tomorrow .. ?
    What is actually the aim of the contest? It cannot be a proper contest between normal traders to determine who has the best edge. Unless off course the winners trade in the same fashion on their real accounts with their own funds .. If they do and make these returns .. then they are brilliant, but why bother with any contest??

    I appreciate the idea of a contest but this is not a real contest so never mind. Letting my EA run at ~25%/y at a 14% dd is good enough for me .. 😉

    Just my 2c

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