Most Advanced Real-Time (Real) Spreads Comparison Engine

You’ve probably seen spread comparison engines before, however there is a common flaw in those engines  – they compare demo spreads which are not representative of real spreads.

We’re proud to introduce you the most advanced real-time forex spread comparison engine out there, using real spreads only!

What’s so advanced here you ask? Here’s the complete list:

  • Real-time spreads comparison
  • Covers over 45 brokers
  • Covers 55 currency pairs
  • Distinguishes between different accounts types in the same broker (fixed spreads, ECN, NDD, etc’).
  • Real spreads sampled from over 10,000 real accounts (no demo spreads!)
  • Determines brokers with better spreads for any time period you choose (up to 48 hours back), in real-time.
  • Determines spread averages and changes between different trading sessions.
  • Data is adjusted to match your local timezone
  • Provides broker’s time in real-time
  • Spread charts can be saved to an image with a click of a button
  • Plots economic events on spread charts for a better understanding of a spread’s volatility.

You can control which spreads and which brokers to compare using the ‘more’ button. Clicking on a specific spread will reveal the spread’s high, low and average for each minute for the past 48 hours, among other metrics such as session averages and changes, and brokers with better spreads, based on the time frame viewed in the chart.

Please note that although spreads are a major factor in choosing a broker, they do not represent execution quality, slippage, commissions, or any other fees of a broker.

The new section can be found under the ‘Home’ tab or at the bottom menu, under ‘Tools’:

As always, let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or general feedback.


The Myfxbook team.

17 thoughts to “Most Advanced Real-Time (Real) Spreads Comparison Engine”

  1. This is a very good and useful addition. Can you please include AVAFX to the broker list from which the selections can be made. I do use them and their spread is very high – would be good to have some evidence to make a case to them.

  2. there is a flaw in your information about comissions charged: for finfx it states 7 usd per lot, however it is a 7 usd per round-trip lot, for all other comission based brokers you indicated only HALF of the comissions, as they charge per volume (i.e. 100 000 of units) not the roundtrip lots. Usually comission is charge in usd per millions, so if they say like MB comission is 29.5 per million it means for trading one lot of EURUSD you will pay 0.1*29.5*2*1280000/1000000 = 7,55 USD

  3. Great idea : )

    Could we have an option to add the commission into the spread to see the effect it has? (as otherwise comission brokers will always seem cheaper than non-comission brokers). This would work well for USD currency pairs (e.g. a round-trip commission of $8 will add 0.8 to the spread of any EUR/USD trade).

    Also I think “Alpari” should be re-labelled “Alpari UK” to prevent people mistaking it for “Alpari US” (which is labelled as such), and to avoid confusion with “Alpari FS”. Also it doesn’t specify the type of Alpari account? (Micro, Classic, or Pro?)

    Finally (!), if we could have ATC and Dukascopy added, that would be fantastic as I’ve found them to have very low spreads.


  4. It would be awesome if we could sort brokers from highest to lowest/vice versa with regards to spread on currency pair, i.e. I click on EUR/USD in the table and it lists the broker with the current lowest spread at the top.

    Also, perhaps the ability to input a “range” for the desired spread and only listing those brokers….since most people use comparison tables to find the best spreads…..

    Great work

  5. Yes, commissions can be added into the spread.
    As to Alpari – just renamed it to the proper name which is “Alpari NZ”. The type of account in question is micro.
    We don’t show all possible account types of each broker as there are so many, so we chose the most popular ones (more currency pairs and brokers will be added in the future).

  6. Thanks! Looking forward to see how this feature evolves and already thinking of changing brokers : )

  7. Hello, two additional suggestions or requests. Could you please add export spread to .csv file and adding more history than just a few days (also for possible csv export)? Otherwise great tool. Thanks!

  8. Yes, some kind of sorting (e.g. by average spread, by pair, in selected period, etc.) would be perfect! I am looking for the best spread for GPBUSD. Thanks!

  9. Amazing job! This is an incredible feature sure to bring significant attention to your site. Great work guys!!

  10. FXi s an ECN platform for iitontutisnal clients that will have interbank credit lines; FXall and EBS are iitontutisnal platforms as well, and Currenex offers a host of services, most of them aimed at institional clients as well. None of these companies deal with people that want to deposit 2000 or 5000 $ .. so your question here is non sequitur

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