Updates And Features

We have several updates and features pushed out in this version update, several of which are to match our statistics to industry standards as asked by our members on a constant basis – it took us a while to complete this task, as it required a large change in our calculations.

So what has been changed?

Gain formula – there is a slight change in the gain formula – it is now time weighted, as required by the Global Investment Performance Standards (or in short “GIPS”) published by the CFA institute. It now represents a value of a dollar which was compounded since the inception of the system.

Monthly change – the monthly change is no longer cumulative, but absolute, so it now shows the change per month based on the balance change during that month.

Monthly metrics now include 3 more metrics:



and lots:

*The new metrics will become available after the next update of your account.

There is a new section waiting to be released next week, which should be very handy in your trading! Stay tuned!

Wish you a profitable week!


The Myfxbook team.

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  1. “Monthly change – the monthly change is no longer cumulative, but absolute”

    BEST update in a long time. THANK YOU.

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