What The Community Is Thinking Right Now?

You’ve probably wondered at least once if you’re trading with the same outlook as of the community – wonder no more, know it!

We proudly present our latest development: Community Outlook (You can find it under the menu Community>Outlook or the Community page).

Let’s go over the information presented to you on this page:

  1. Community trend – based on real position sizing ratios, revealing the current sentiment of the community (long/short).
  2. Symbol’s popularity – know how many members (%) of the community are currently trading the symbol.
  3. Average entry prices (long and short!) and real-time distances from current price.
  4. Current community stats – demo/real accounts ratios, profitable/non-profitable ratios, funds won/lost and average account deposit/profit/loss.
  5. Ratios of currently open positions, based on total positions sizes.

You can also hover over the symbol in question to see more in-depth data:

The data is refreshed every 60 seconds and based on real, verified accounts only, to provide you the most accurate and true statistics of the community.


The Myfxbook team.

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