New Stats!

Today we release another tool for your trading performance – the hourly statistics (can be found in the ‘Advanced Statistics’ window):

As you can see from the image above, you can choose between 4 different comparison metrics (based on the open time of your trades):

  1. Winning traders vs. losing trades.
  2. Long trades vs. short trades.
  3. Profit on long trades vs. profit on short trades.
  4. Profit on winning trades vs. losses on losing trades.

These metrics will help you even better understand when your system is performing better and when worse. Also, if you choose a custom period for analysis, the data will recalculate in real-time to include only the selected period.

The new statistics will become available on the next update of your account.

More features are being worked on, which will be available very soon!

Have a great  week,

The Myfxbook team.

5 thoughts to “New Stats!”

  1. These are great stats that you can use to help identify your trading personality. Doing so can make the difference between someone who just got lucky, and someone who can actually trade for a living.

    A few others that I and others have found important are the time of day you have the most winners, and the most losers. This allows you to see when you have the worst performance and in what session you do the best at. If most of your winners are in the Euro session, and you have a few winners but mostly losers in the Asian session….then drop the Asian session!

    The biggest statistic that has helped me as a trader though, is dividing my net profit by my biggest loss. This tells me how many times I can withstand screwing up before I lose my whole account.

    Rob Booker calls this the SOL quotient. It changed the way we traded and the way many of our students traded. It made the difference between people just getting lucky as traders (making it big in just one great trade), and those who really could trade for a living.

  2. Great tool!
    Especially for robot traders!
    And when you’d like to look deeper in other trader’s habits – that’s briliant…

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