New Strategies Section!

Today we proudly present the Strategies section – a lot of work has been put into this section in order to provide you some very useful and powerful features:

  • Ability to analyze, organize, group, sort, archive, study and share any strategy tester reports you create (back-tests).
  • Learn, discuss, compare and search for any strategies you use or have used in the past to find the most optimized settings.
  • Minimize development and testing time by working with the community to get results faster.

No more need to save your statements on your PC and then browse between reports to compare them – now you can just upload the strategy tester report (either the original, or zip it for faster upload), get it analyzed and archived immediately, and be able to quickly and easily see and refer to past tests and much more with a few clicks of your mouse.

If you have any suggestions, do let us know as always by using the suggestion-box or by contacting us privately.

This section is in it’s own ‘beta’ mode and if you encounter any issues, do let us know so we can quickly resolve it. There are many more features to be added to this section, but since the list isn’t ending, we wanted to release this section as soon as possible, so there you go .

On another note, our first contest has ended and the winners will be declared in a couple of days.

Have a great trading week!

The Myfxbook team.

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