Registration For The Contest Has Ended!

Well, after just 2 weeks of the registration period of our first ever contest, 588 traders have registered!
The contest is scheduled to start in just 2 days. If you haven’t connected your account to Myfxbook yet, please do so, as it’s the only way to track your rank in the contest.
Those who haven’t opened a demo account, or have chosen the wrong account as their contest account, will receive login credentials for a new FXDD demo account.

Once the contest starts, a new section will be revealed in the contests area of Myfxbook, which will allow you check your rank and track (live) the progress of each trader.

We’re also working on some new exciting features which will be released in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Happy trading and good luck in the contest!
The Myfxbook team.

8 thoughts to “Registration For The Contest Has Ended!”

  1. you just send an email to ananced registration ended!!!

    why you did not do anuncd with email before stating registration to get more peoples to participate??
    i think its beter take a chance to others could participate.

  2. Farhad, the registration period was for the last 2 weeks, during which we’ve sent an email at the start of each week to notify users about the registration.

  3. I have registered an account and sucessfully added to myfx book earlier, but now that demo account says “account is disabled ” what should i do

    Login : 7597500
    Investor : 1hqnumf (read only password)

  4. hi its 5th already and my account is disabled or am i too early?

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