Minor Updates

Minor changes were done today;

Topics and systems now have a view count, so you can know if your topic or system is popular among Myfxbook users.

Total lots (or units in case of Oanda accounts) are now seen in open orders:

Also, we would like to thank you for helpingĀ  us develop and test our verification system by filling in the required details in the account settings – we’re making progress, and hopefully it should be ready in a week.

Have a successful trading week!

5 thoughts to “Minor Updates”

  1. Great minor update, Good jobs

    This is exactly what I asked, and now it is fulfilled, that’s what I called the customer care… šŸ˜‰

  2. does the new “lots on open position” consider all the hedged positions in your calculation? Otherwise it would be misleading i think

  3. No, but it depends on how you look at it. The “lots” sum is there to show you how many open lots you have – in terms of account margin, you would like to see if you’re not over-trading and decide if you have enough margin to open another position.
    So if we were to take into account hedged positions, it would be a bit misleading.

  4. why don’t your company develop an account copier for mt4, so that members with successful EA’s can sell their signals and your company can charge commission. you can even open another website for that sole purpose.
    I think its a good Idea, and its much safer than selling EA’s only to be decompiled and resold.


  5. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Currently, we’re concentrating on establishing a social forex community so it’s too early for us to consider this feature at the moment but we might consider it in the future.

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