Testing our verification system

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we’re working on a verification system which will verify the account’s performance and real owner (MetaTrader 4).

We’re currently in the testing phase of our system and need your help in testing it.

If you go to your settings and edit or add a MetaTrader 4 account, you’ll see the new addition:

Please select your server and enter the investor password .

Investor password is a read only password to your account and will not be shared with anyone.

Not sure which server are you using? Just go to your MetaTrader 4 login screen:

If your server is not on the list, please contact us and let us know.

You should be able to find the investor password in your registration mail in the MetaTrader mailbox.

The more users fill this, the faster we can test and release this important feature.

Your help is highly appreciated!

Have a great trading week!

16 thoughts to “Testing our verification system”

  1. Great new feature!

    You should describe how to find the investor password on the mt4 platform( Mailbox- Registration-Investor password)


  2. Is it safe to give you our server, user #, and password? what if it is compromised?

    Thanks for your reply!

  3. Alan, yes it is safe. Not only your details are kept with maximal security on our servers, but these details are used for a read-only access to your trading account (Investor password grants a read only access to your account). Even if compromised, nothing can be done in your account except viewing your trading activity. It’s the same as if giving to a potential investor your read-only password to your account.

    This is of course not obligatory and is totally up to you to decide if to give us these details. This feature is meant to validate trading results, and if you’re not looking to do that and/or using our platform for your own private use, there is no need to provide us with these details.

    However, if you are looking for clients or want to prove your performance to others, this is the only way to validate your results.

    Moreover, in any given moment, you can change your investor password to disable the read only access to your account with the old password.

  4. My server shows, AlpariUS-Live, which is not listed. I selected AlpariUS-Micro, which I hope will work.

  5. I deleted most of the registration mails containing the investor passwords.
    Is there any other way to find out what the investor passwords are?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Yes, in MetaTrader go to tools, in the server tab, click the ‘change’ button to change your investor password.

  7. We would like to select a MT4 server for PFG Best, however that server is their SpotTrader-Real, which is not listed. Please advise.

  8. Actually, you can find the SpotTrader server under the “Spot Trader Fx” broker.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

  9. Server not available:

    FXOpen-ECN Demo Server

    Right now I’m trying to use demo acct, maybe later you should add the ecn live server as well.

  10. Regarding to the verification system, how do you feel that investor password can verify that the system is his/hers?. I found lot of investor password on forums, where people just want to share their account to others and see their performances.

  11. We cannot disclose any information currently, but you can be assured that this situation is taken care of.

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