System Upgrades

Some of you might have noticed several failures last week when your MetaTrader 4 platform tried to publish your statement to our servers.

Well, we’ve noticed it too. The reason for these failures was the inability of our servers to handle the work load – our servers receive and process over 70GB of data daily!

Our team has worked hard over the weekend to modify and test our software to handle the current work load and they’ve successfully completed it.

Thank you for your patience!

Magic Numbers Issue

We’ve received several complaints from members who cannot activate the magic numbers/comments in their metatrader.

It appears that it’s not working for all platforms.

We’re currently investigating it and will update you on any changes.

Thank you.

Update – we have found the issue, and working on an alternative solution. It may take us couple of days to complete it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update (October 12) – the new solution is almost complete. It’s currently being tested by our team.

Update (October 15) – Completed. Please see the help section on enabling magic numbers and comments.

2 New Features!

Since new features are added and more aspects of your account are now controllable, the account settings form had to be re-designed. There is no more a sliding form, but an in-place form editor which should give you much quicker and more convenient access to your account settings.

As to the new features – these ones were one of our most requested and complex features; ability to log comments from MetaTrader 4 trades, and analyze trading activity by magic numbers.

In order to add those to existing trades already logged on our servers, you will have to turn on the ‘Data Restore’ mode (In the account settings) and just enable ‘Comments’ in your account history tab in MetaTrader 4. Existing comments on trades created in Myfxbook by you will not be affected.

Here’s a quick look on the new magics feature:

After using the ‘filter by magic’ option, you will have a complete view of how each magic number performed.

Since an account can have many magic numbers, we have added the option of naming and designating a color to each magic found in your account (in your account settings):

After selecting magic numbers for analysis, all statistics will be recalculated for the selected magics in real time.

This feature is most useful for anyone using several EA’s to trade – no more need to open a new account for each EA. Just use this feature to see exactly how each EA is performing! And for those who would like to disable this analysis on their public system can of course choose to do so (Account settings form).

Oanda account updating issue process which affected some accounts is now fixed – there is no need to create a new account, just update the history link.

Invitations are fixed and enabled also.

Some more minor interface changes were made and errors fixed.

We have some more great features already in development and can’t wait until they’re released.

If you have any comments on the new features or changes, please let us know!

Have a great weekend!

New Features!

Minor fixes:

  • Recent discussion now links to the correct page instead of the first page.
  • Our system now supports the trade corrections made by Oanda, for Oanda accounts.
  • Support for large amount of trade records for Oanda accounts.
  • Links are now supported and clickable in posts.

Several new features were added:

  • Dashboard now updates the content automatically every minute.
  • Trades are now sortable by every column (open trades, orders, and history tabs).

  • Advanced statistics now include the average win and loss (pip and $) and total profit.

  • (MetaTrader 4) Open trades tab shows pip values and total sum of current open trades in pips, $, and swap.

  • Pips metrics added to the chart (daily total).

  • Sizing metrics added to the chart (daily total) – lots for MetaTrader 4, and units for Oanda accounts.  For existing accounts,  sizing is private by default on your system page.

  • Equity is now visible in percentage (MetaTrader4).

  • Another method for yield calculation was introduced. You can read about it here.

  • Help section was rewritten.

Since we have added new metrics which haven’t been calculated yet for existing accounts, accounts will be recalculated (MetaTrader accounts as soon as your publisher will send a statement file, Oanda accounts as soon as a fresh history link is provided).

Some Oanda accounts might be affected by the changes, so if you see some discrepancies, please delete and re-add your account.  Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great trading week!

Minor Platform Updates

Servers were upgraded today, although downtime was more than we’ve anticipated (1 hour).

We have made several minor updates to our platform:

– Dashboard notifications are now marked as read once the dashboard is accessed (Upper counter is reset on view).

– Paging added to systems page, and now you can browse through all of the available systems.

– Several interface changes.

Have a prosperous trading week!

6 new features!

Before revealing the new features, we would like to apologize to Safari users – we weren’t aware until recently that you didn’t had any access to the community page nor the brokers page. We’re glad to inform you that our technical team has made the necessary changes and tested our platform to be 100% compatible with Safari.

Now to the interesting part – we have added 6 new features, so let’s review them quickly:

1. Ability to show your name instead of your user name in your posts (Settings, Profile tab):

2. Twitter has now profiling options, if for example you want to target your twitts to

3. Posts are now editable for the first 30 minutes from the time of posting (bottom of your post):

4. You can comment on your trades for your own use, or to share them pblicly (Controlled using the account configuration form, under ‘Comments’):

5. Private invitations – you can now create a private link to your system page, without having to expose it to the whole world (Settings, Invitations tab):

6. Custom time-frame analysis, by clicking on the ‘Select Timeframe’ link at the top of your or anyone else’s system page:

We are working on even more features as requested by our members,  so please be patient as we create them.

Also, don’t forget to cast your vote on a suggestion, as features are prioritized by your votes.

Have a great week!

Myfxbook team.

Update and one new feature!

This has been a long week for us!
Many bugs were reported and fixed, and several interesting suggestions were recieved which we have already started to work on.
We would like to thank all of our members for helping us to improve our platform, and please do keep reporting the bugs we’ve missed.

We would like to present the first major feature we have just released (special thanks goes to Elkart!): Automatic twittering of your trades!

All you have to do is enable twitter in your settings tab, select the account you want to twitt, and every trade or order you’ll make in your MetaTrader 4 platform will be published on your twitter account automatically.

Another update you might notice is in the settings’ account tab – you can now delete your system:

Do note however that any deleted system’s data is  not recoverable.

As always, happy trading!
Myfxbook team.

Myfxbook Beta Launched!

After 8 long months of testing and development, we are excited to release the beta version of Myfxbook!

Everything in our platform was customized and built from the grounds up, to fit the needs of a forex community.

There are many more additions we’re working on to add to the platform in the near future, so stay tuned.

Since this is an early beta version, we’ve decided to limit the daily registrations. If you didn’t make it today, just try again the next day.

We welcome all comments, suggestions and feedbacks, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We hope you enjoy using our website as much as we did creating it.

Happy Trading!

The Myfxbook team.