New Trading Contest, $7500 In Prizes

Today starts the next trading contest for 2018, with prizes in total of $7500, sponsored by FIXI Markets:


You can register freely and compete with a demo account against other traders for real prizes:

1st place: $3000

2nd place: $1500

3rd place: $1000

4th place: $600

5th place: $400

6th place: $300

7th place: $250

8th place: $200

9th place: $150

10th place: $100

Trading will commence on June 3rd and will end after a month of trading, after which the winners will be announced.

For more details and signup:

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The Myfxbook Team.


Arum Capital Contest Winners Announced

The recent trading contest sponsored by Arum Capital has ended and top 17 traders to win the prizes are:

1st place – Contest – pakemon18 3.3M%, winning $1200

2nd place – Contest – malchish 110133.0%, winning $600

3rd place – Contest-protrader0505 53853.0%, winning $300

4th place – Contest-realarbitrage 26787.0%, winning $300

5th place – Contest – mkcell 15409.0%, winning $200

6th place – Contest – emofx 13357.0%, winning $200

7th place – Contest – shawnlee 8800.0%, winning $200

8th place – Contest – SD_trader 4550.0%, winning $100

9th place – Contest – Rohitfx 3596.0%, winning $100

10th place – Contest-buhtoyarrky 1760.0%, winning $100

11th place –  Contest – Nicholus 1306.0%, winning $100

12th place –  Contest – eaboss 1103.0%, winning $100

13th place –  Contest – Tomny 944.0%, winning $100

14th place –  Contest-priyadarshana 814.0%, winning $100

15th place –  Contest – AmlehK 799.0%, winning $100

16th place –  Contest-lucacortex 694.0%, winning $100

17th place –  Contest – Bakheet 683.0%, winning $100


Forex Contest

As seen in the analysis of the contests, a high percentage of participants traded their accounts (71.6%) out of which, 13.4% were profitable.

Trades profitability was very much similar between winning and losing accounts: 74%/58% of winning trades and 26%/42% of losing trades, respectively.

Average trade result in pips showed that winners had on average 1.9 times larger win than of a losing account as well as 3.8 times larger losses.

We would like to remind the winners that in order to claim the prize you must register and complete the verification with Arum Capital.

Please note In case discrepancies are found in the data initially provided by the winner and the supplied documents, the winner shall be disqualified. In case the winner is unable to open a live account within 20 business days with the broker, he/she will be disqualified.

*Withdrawal is only available via Skrill and Netteller payment systems.

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The Myfxbook Team.