New Feature – Account Notifications

We’re happy to announce the long awaited notifications feature! You’re now able to set up 34 different notification types and be notified of any events you set up as soon as they happen, for your own accounts or watched accounts (through your dashboard):

Account Notifications

The available options are:

Gain (%)
Abs. Gain (%)
Daily (%)
Monthly (%)
Drawdown (%)
Balance (€)
Equity (%)
Equity (€)
Profit (€)
Interest (€)
Deposits (€)
Withdrawals (€)
Profitability Won (%)
Profitability Lost (%)
Average Win (Pips)
Average Loss (Pips)
Average Win (€)
Average Loss (€)
Commissions (€)
Longs Won (%)
Shorts Won (%)
Avg. Trade Length
Profit Factor
Standard Deviation
Probability (%)
Expectancy (Pips)
Expectancy (€)
AHPR (%)
GHPR (%)

For each metric you can set a notification if it is above or below a specified value. Once hit, you will receive a real time  notification by email and in the website. The notification can be set up as easily as with our forex calendar, by clicking the bell icon on the right of each account.

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook Team.

9 New AutoTrade Features!

We’re working hard to make AutoTrade even better than it is and here are the latest features added:

AutoTrade Grouping – Trades and orders are now grouped by the provider which makes it easy to see in real time each provider’s trades/orders and profits:

AutoTrade Grouping

You can minimize/maximize each of the providers separately and collectively.

Provider pause mode – if you wish to stop a provider from making any new trades yet do not wish to remove it from your AutoTrade portfolio, you can do so with a click of a button.

AutoTrade Pause Example

The status of the provider can be clearly seen with a red/green state near the avatar:

AutoTrade Pause Example

Advanced settings – which provide you complete control over the provider’s settings.

AutoTrade Settings

Clicking the settings icon will pop up the following options:

AutoTrade Settings Example

Total Lots – Max allowed total lots of open trades and orders

Total Open Trades – Max allowed open trades and orders

Balance Stop ($) –  Stop trading if balance is below this value

Drawdown Stop (%) – Stop trading if floating drawdown is above this value

Fixed Lots: Open each trade/order with fixed lots

Allowed Trading Hours – an easy to edit table to control the exact allowed/disallowed trading times for the AutoTrade provider.

New Trade/Order Email notification – you’re now notified of any new activity in your live AutoTrade account, by email (Notifications can be disabled in user settings).

If you haven’t tried AutoTrade, you can go ahead and open a free demo account:

(Important to note that a live account is free also!)

All of the above features are based on your feedback so your help in shaping AutoTrade is much appreciated! Please keep your suggestions coming 🙂

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook team.