Latest Contest Cancelled

We’ve been getting a lot of emails from concerned members regarding the sponsor of the contest (Commexfx), who notified us of several worrying reviews on other websites (which we weren’t aware of). After a long discussion, we’ve taken the unusual step of cancelling a contest.

We would like to thank all of the members who notified us with this situation and would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

On the same note, a new contest will be announced next month, which you’ll be able to register for.

The Myfxbook team.

12 Responses to “Latest Contest Cancelled”

  1. That’s a pity. Hope you will find out the alternative.

    Myfxbook Reply:

    A new trading contest will be announced next month – stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    i am glad someone came to their senses. a lot of people would have been potentially taken in by this “brokerage”. plenty of other reputable brokers. you should contact next month’s broker and ask if they wouldnt mind moving up the contest 2-3 weeks. this way, we dont waist the whole month.

  3. Guillaume says:

    you’ve made the right choice cancelling this contest, thank you

  4. muinali says:

    opssssssss,i have stated well trading gold ……………….

  5. Алексей says:

    Я, конечно, человек новый в этих кругах, для меня главное участие, так сказать увидеть что к чему. несерьезно как-то. хорошая организация не будет так подставлять.

  6. 1000to10k says:

    right choice guys .. waist of time they are

  7. Madrid321 says:

    Pues realmente no sé que ha podido pasar para anular el torneo.
    Esto se puede dar circustancialmente, pero no entiendo que se cancele el torneo, una vez comenzado.
    Estaremos atentos para el siguiente campeonato

  8. jOHNNY pHANG says:

    The real question is do we need the ever growing number of FX brokers? Fierce competition and also agreed result in a lot of unwanted practices in the business. Even FXCM got fined big time. Is it time we get the message?

    jOHNNY pHANG Reply:

    Sorry, .. I mean “greed”, not “agreed”

  9. chromeie says:

    Support Representative: Sir, as we mentioned we don’t know anything regarding this issue but we believe that our accounts already participating at their contest and they are doing well please you can find even the results at this link :

    just spoken with commex fx, what’s going on now? commex fx is scam broker?

    Myfxbook Reply:

    As far as Myfxbook and its members are concerned, the contest was definitely cancelled.